Field report on 7252 Old Post Rd, Boulder

7252 Old Post Rd, Boulder, CO, United States

To say this home needs some TLC is an understatement! It needs a complete redo. The flooring has all been ripped up, some walls have been stripped of drywall, there are various holes in the flooring. It’s definitely a mess. The location is terrific. It’s a corner lot and has been designed to maximize the location. One side is a cul-de-sac. The driveway into the garage is on this side. It is one lot away from the golf course on the backside. Fortunately, the lot between this house and the golf course is owned by the next door neighbor, who bought it so that it would never be developed. This house is in a neighborhood with huge, mature trees. This street has a regal feel. The house is surrounded by $1M+ homes. This home represents a GREAT opportunity for someone who doesn’t mind delayed gratification. It’s truly a diamond in the rough.


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